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Buy Austrian Driving license without a driving exam

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Buy Austrian driving license which is registered and possess all security features to easily get through any road traffic check situations.

You can Buy your Austrian driver’s license without the need to pass a driving test, do a first aid course, medical certificate or any other requirement to start driving in Austria and other EU countries.

Most of our clients who buy their Austrian driver’s license from us are those who already know how to drive and are finding it difficult to get their driver’s license.

If your driver’s license is suspended, revoked or banned then we have a solution for you, you can contact us to buy a new driver’s license of another EU country or let us delete your driving records for you.

Unless you specify to us that you want to buy a fake driver’s license, tour driving license will be registered with the Motor Vehicle Department (Verkehrsamt), the local Federal Police Headquarters (Landespolizeidirektion) or distractive administrative authority (Bezirkshauptmannschaft).

Your driver’s license will be produced to meet all security features standards using methods like: microprinting, Hologram, UV images, UV threads, laser engravings and more.

How to buy an Austrian category B driver's license

The most Desired Austrian driver’s license category is the category be which let’s you operate passenger vehicle.

Buying a category B driving license from us is a very simple process, it is also fast as we prioritize the production and registration of the category B Austrian driving license given it’s importance.

It only takes 3 days at most for us to deliver the B driving licenses unlike the 2 to 6 days or driving license in other categories.

To buy a category B driver’s license from us all you have to do is to contact us and let us know you want to buy the Category B driving license, you will also need to mention the driving license country.

After contacting us our support team will get back to you as soon as possible with the required details and how you can provide them to us including the pricing and how payment is done.

Buy a fake Austrian driver's license

A fake driver’s license has the same physical qualities and security features ad the registered Austrian driving license, however the fake driving license is not registered and can be detected when you information is checked on the driver’s license system.

You can sue the fake driver’s license for so many purposes but you must avoid it getting checked on the system a simple physical security features check such as looking it under UV light is ok as it is produced to meet all physical security features.

buy driving license, cost of driving license, buy category B driving license, buy Austrian driving license

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