Buy Canadian Passport No eligibility requirements

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Buy a Canadian passport is not just an easier way to travel but also you can get to travel Canadian as a Canadian citizen.

When you buy an original Canadian passport from us you will be able to travel to over 140 countries visa free and you will get to enter into Canada freely at any time.

You do not have to be a Canadian citizen or meet any eligibility requirements to buy your passport from us.

To add to this, when you buy a registered Canadian passport from us, we start by choosing your Canadian state and producing for you a national security number in Canada. These steps are taken such that your data should conform to database rules when we are registering your Canadian passport.

Buying a fake Canadian passport is also possible with us, however you will nee to make sure you do not use your fake passport for purposes that could get it scanned for your biometrics or your information checked on the immigration system, given that fake passports do not include all the necessary security features including biometric chip or immigration system registration.

Quality assurance of your passport

We make sure that when our clients buy an original Canadian passport from us they will always get the best and ready to use passport that covers all use cases if the Canadian passport and can not be detected as fake ever.

To make sure your passport meets every standard and can pass every checks, we do the following:

  • Get you a security number
  • Produce your passport with the best quality materials(layered Polycarbonate).
  • State of the art biometric chip technology to store your biometric data for security verifications.
  • microprinting to make sure every single inch of you passport is as the real Canadian passport.
  • Optical variable ink that changes color depending on the angle light penetration.
  • UV Images and threads that can only be seen under UV light.

When your passport is ready our team performs every usual security checks before we deliver to you.

buy Canadian passport, buy Canadian passport online, buy passport, cost of passport online,

Buy Fake Canadian passport

When Buying a Fake passport the process is the same as with the original passport, but your passport will not contain all security features including immigration registration, security number or biometric data embedded on your passport.

Hence you need to be careful when using a fake passport.

Cost Of A Canadian Passport

The price of your Canadian passport will depend on whether you are buying a fake or an original biometric passport.

The price of the Fake passport usually stays between 400 to 700 USD depending on the cost of materials in the market at that moment.

The price of an original passport also depends on the cost of registering you into the immigration system and getting you a security number. It will usually cost you between 900 and 2000 USD for an original Canadian passport.

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