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Buy Italian Driving License(patente di guida),driving test not required

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Are you finding it difficult to get your Italian driving license? Not anymore as you can buy your Italian driving license from us without being required to pass the driving exams.

It is often difficult for a lot of people to pass the driving license exams and even after going through months of training at a driving school and learning how to drive, some people still end up failing the driving test. Others have their driving license revoked for loosing all their 20 points in their driving license. You can find your solutions with us.

Buying an Italian driving license from us guarantees that you will start driving in less than a week. If you do not know how to drive yet, we recommend you learn how to drive before buying a driver’s license.

Most of our clients already know how to drive and buy driving license from us for reasons such as:

  1. Finding it difficult to exchange a non-EU or EEA driving license for an Italian driving license without going through a driving test.
  2. Keep on failing the driving test.
  3. Have their driving license revoked.
  4. Need a fake driving license for one time use.

Clients can choose between buying a fake driving license or a real (registered) driving license.

buy Real(registered) driving license in Italy

A registered Italian driving you buy from us is the same as the driving license issued to those who successfully complete the driving test, except you do not need to pass a driving test to buy your driving license from us.

The registered driving license is fully registered on the driving license database system, to ensure the registration, we work with anonymous partners who are also employees of  driving schools(scuola guida), Civil Motorization Office(Ufficio Motorizzazione Civile), and the Italian ministry of infrastructure and transport.

After you driving license has been registered we will then start the production of your driving license card immediately.

Your Italian driving license card is produced with the best quality materials(layered polycarbonate), latest technologies and security features(laser engravings, microprinting, hologram, optical variable ink, UV light images).

buy Italian driving license, cost of Italian driving license, Italian driving license online, buy category B driving license,
buy Italian driving license, cost of Italian driving license, Italian driving license online, buy category B driving license,

Fake Italian driver's license

If you are looking to buy a driver’s license you won’t use in driving or you need a driving license for one time use only, then buying the fake driver’s license is the right option for you as it will cost you less.

The fake Italian driver’s license is just the driving license card without registration, everything else is the same.

The reason the fake driving license is cheaper is because we do not need to register it, hence no need to pay our partners in Italy a fee for creating a driving license persona and registration for you.

The fake driving license card itself the same as the registered driving license with all security features and card quality.

Buy a Category B driving license in Italy

The category B driving license is the most bought driver’s license by our clients and it let’s you drive a passenger car in Italy and other EU member countries.

Since most of the driver’s license produced by us are category B, we ensure that purchasing a category B license is as easy, fast and efficient as possible.

To get your driving license from us all you need to do is to contact us and we will get back to you with some questions, requirements and how you can get the requirements.

Revoked Italian driving license and how to drive again

Getting your driver’s license revoked is a crushing feeling and unfortunate many people find themselves in this position every year. Sometimes you might get a driving ban for six months, one year, or even up to two years. If you finding yourself in this situation our service is always here for a solution so you can start driving again in les than a week.

We primarily offer 2 solutions for those with a driving ban which are:

  1. Buy a new driving license from another EU member country from us.
  2. Buy a new Italian driver’s license and have us delete all your previous driving records and points in the system.

Contact Us here To Buy Your Italian Driving License

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