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Buy A Valid US Green Card Online

A valid Green Card is a permanent residence permit for foreigners in the USA, With a Green card you can stay, work or study in the USA without any limitations.

There are eligibility criteria’s one must meet before you can qualify for a Green, and even after meeting these criteria’s your Green card can still be denied.

If you want the easiest way to get your valid USA Green card then you can buy your Green card from us without the requirement to meet any eligibility requirement.

We produce over 200 real Green Cards and 550 fake Green Cards for our clients every year.

If you still want to go through the usual process when getting a US Green Card then you can find out more here.

How we are able to provide valid Green Cards to our clients.

It is impossible for us to hack the US immigration system so what we do instead is:

  1. We process your application the usual way with the information you provide to us including your biometric data.
  2. Then we forward your information to our anonymous associates who work with the US state department and various immigration offices.
  3. After your information reach them they will process your application and register you into various immigration portals. We don’t actually know how our associates do to register your information into the system as they are highly anonymous.
  4. After this we are then task with producing a high quality Green card for you which you can present when asked to authorities.

Note: the fake Green card will not be registered and you are advised not to use it in situation that can get them checked.

You can also buy residence permit for other countries with easier processes than the US Green Card.

buy US green card, buy US green card online, cost of a US green card, US green card for sale,


  • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all sales. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your item. We will happily work with you to find a solution to any problem.
  •  Our delivery is 100% Guarantee and we do discreet packaging
  • We want your  experience to be a good one  As you can tell from our feedback, almost every customer is a happy one
  • Our goal is always a satisfied customer. In the rare case something goes wrong, before leaving negative feedback, please contact us so we can help make it right!

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