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Buy Slovenian Driving License, No driving test

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Do not take the risk of driving without a driver’s license, we make it easy for anyone to buy a Slovenian driver’s license and drive in Slovenia or other EU or EEA member countries without any issues and you do not need to pass any driving test.

It is possible to learn how to drive from friends, family or any other means including driving schools and then buy your driver’s license from us and not worry about failing the driving test.

Our authentic document production service will always give you the best quality documents with all security features.

We also register your driver’s license into the system so when your information is checked on the system it will always appear valid and your Slovenian driving license will be the same as the driver’s license issued to Slovenian citizens after they pass the driving test, except that you do not have to pass the driving test to buy your driving license from us.


How we are able to register your Slovenian driving license

If you contact us to buy a Real(valid) Slovenian driver’s license, then we will have to register your driver’s license with the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency.

To register your Driving license, we work our anonymous partners who are employees at the the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency and various driving training centers in Slovenia.

Our partners will have to register your driver’s license before we even start producing the driving license card itself.

Revoked or suspended Slovenian driver's license

Helping people with revoked or suspended driving license is one of the things we are best know for.

To provide clients who who have their driving license suspended drive again, we can use any of the following solutions:

  1. Clients should buy a driving license from any other EU country.
  2. Client should buy a new Slovenian driving license with different identity.
  3. client should buy a new driving license with the same information and have us clear all their previous records and offense in the system.

Exchange your non-EU driver's license in Slovenia

If you desire to stay in Slovenia for a long period of time, then you are required to exchange your national driver’s license for a Slovenian driving license if you are a non-EU citizen. For most non-EU countries you can only exchange your driving license after you pass the driving practical exams.

If you do not one to go through the process of passing the driving exams then you can buy your slovenisn driving license from us instead.

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Contact Us here To Buy Slovenian Driving License.

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