Buy Swedish biometric Passport, All security features present

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Traveling as a Swedish citizen requires that you have with you a Swedish passport or a Swedish ID card when in the EU. You can buy both your Swedish passport and ID card from us without the requirement that you meet the eligibility criteria.

Buy your Swedish passport today and travel as a Swedish citizen, You do not need to be a Swedish citizen to buy a Swedish Passport or ID card from us.

We are able to produce both original and fake passport for all our client regardless of their nationalities.

Buy Original Swedish passport

To make sure every single inch of your passport is as good as those issued by immigration services we ensure that your original passport is made with:

  1. Best quality materials: All original Swedish passport is made with very high quality materials like layered polycarbonate to ensure it’s quality.
  2. Integrated with microchip technology: next level microchip technology that meets every international standard and is scannable to reveal your biometric information.
  3. Optical variable ink: Optical variable ink is used to ensure the passport security feature where the colors change depending on the angle of light penetration.
  4. UV images: We also include every single UV image present on Swedish passports.
  5. UV threads: There are threads embedded into your passport and are visible only under UV light.
  6. Register your passport on the immigration systems.

We make sure every original passport we produce for our clients can be used just as you would with a passport gotten through the usual appointment.

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Buy Fake Swedish passport

For every country we produce original passport for, we are also able to produce that country’s fake passport which is the same as the original passport but without the additional security features.

We advise our clients who buy the fake passport not to use it in scenarios where your passport will be scanned or checked on the immigration system.

Cost Of A Registered Swedish Passport

Registered Swedish passports are more expensive than fake Swedish passports. 

Moreover, with us the cost of a registered Swedish passport varies over time but you can always be sure to have the best price for a Swedish passport form us. 

Reason why the cost of the Swedish passport is not fixed is because the price of registering a Swedish passport also changes with time. 

Also, the cost of a Swedish passport is reduced when you already have a Swedish passport that is getting expired and you just need a renewal. Just contact us and buy a Swedish passport which you can use legally all over the world.

How To Purchase you passport fromus

It is a very easy process to purchase your passport from us, All you need to do is to contact us via WhatsApp, submit and a form, or send us a message via email.

Let us know you want to buy a Swedish passport, whether you want the fake or the original passport, then we will get back to you with all the required information, how to provide us with the information and how much it will cost you to buy your passport.

Contact Us here To Buy Your Swedish Passport.

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