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Buy French Driving License In any category without a driving test

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Getting a French driving license the usual way is not exactly pleasing to many as it requires you to meet a lot of bureaucratic criteria’s which are often time consuming and expensive. 

This requirement include:

  1. proof of residency(Justif’Adresse)
  2. medical test
  3. Road Safety Certificate (Attestation de Sécurité Routière – ASR)
  4. Driving License Examination Certificate (Certificat d’Examen au permis de Conduire – CEPC)

To meet all these requirements you will have to get hours of courses at driving and other training centers depending on the certificate you want to get even for non-EU driver’s license holders who already know how to drive and just want to exchange their driver’s license for a French driving license.

You can avoid all these when you buy your French driving license from us, We do not need you to meet all requirements. Ideally if you already know how to drive, if your driving license is suspended, if you keep failing the driving test then buying your driving license from us is the best way you can get to driving.

You do not need to be in France to Buy a French driver’s license from us anybody can buy their French driving license and start driving in other EU or EFTA countries.

Buy a Category B driver's license in France

Getting a category B driving license in France means you are allowed to drive a passenger car in France and other EU or EFTA member countries unrestricted.

The category B French driving license is the most sort after driving license by our clients from France and it is essential that we produce your driving license fast and also ensure it’s quality.

Since the class B driving license is the most used by our clients we prioritize the production of the B driver’s license over other categories.

buy French driving license, buy French driving license in Paris, cost of french driving license.

Suspended driving license in France

The French driving license has a point based system in which a probationary driving license has 6 points from the beginning and automatically upgrades to 12 points after three years, when you commit a traffic violation you can loose 1 or more points on your driving license until it gets to zero at which point your driving license will be suspended.

If your driver’s license has been suspended we have 2 solutions that can help you drive again.

  1. Pay us to delete your driving points and records from the Telepoint system (LE SERVICE TÉLÉPOINTS) with our anonymous connections with the employees at the ministry of interior (ministère de l’Intérieur.) and the National Agency for Secured Titles (Agence nationale des titres sécurisés – ANTS)
  2. You can buy a driver’s license of any other EU country which can be used in France without any restrictions.

Buy a Fake French driver's license

Sometimes you may need a fake driving license instead of the real and registered driver’s license we offer, We also Produce fake driver’s license for our client who need them.

The only difference between the fake driving license and the real or registered driver’s license is that the fake driving license will not be registered on the driving license systems and can be detected as fake of you information is checked on the register.

The Fake driving license card quality is the same as that of the registered driver’s license and will pass any physical security test.

Contact Us here To Buy Your French Driving License.

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