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Buy Portuguese Driving License No driving test required

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Buy Portuguese Driving License

Never again risk driving without a driver’s license in Portugal when it is easier than ever to buy a Portuguese driving license without the requirement to pass a driving test.

You do not have to worry about failing your driving exams or not meeting the requirements to get your driver’s license the usual way.

Is your Portuguese driver’s license revoked, suspended canceled or banned? Buying a new Portuguese driver’s license or a driver’s license from another EU country could be the best solution for you to get to driving again in less than no time.

Depending on what you need your driver’s license for you can also buy a fake driver’s license from us. Which is just a physical driving license card which is not registered and can be detected as fake if checked on the system.

Benefits of buying your driving license from us

Apart from the ability t drive in Portugal and other EEA member countries offered by the Portuguese driving license, there a other benefits involved when you choose to buy your driver’s license from us:

  • No need to pass the driving test: So many people who come to us already know hoe to drive but for one reason or the other they keep failing the driving test. Buying your driver’s license from us means you get to drive legally with your driver’s license without the requirement that you pass the driving test.
  • Fast delivery of your driver’s license: Some client need their driving license urgently and cannot afford to wait for their driving license and given that we deliver your driving license to you within 2 to 6 days days makes the option of buying a driving license instead more reasonable.
  • Easy to get driving license as foreigners: Given that expats often find it difficult to get a new driving license or even exchanging their old driving license in Portugal the option of buying their driver’s license becomes more appealing.
  • ┬ádrive even when your driving license has been suspended or revoked: We are also able to help client with revoked, banned or suspended driver’s license get new driver’s license.

Buy fake Portuguese Driving License.

More often than not our clients will need the fake driving license for purposes best known to them, our job is to satisfy all our clients needs regardless of whether they are buy the fake or the registered driving license.

If you buy a fake driving license you just need to make sure what you are using it for will not lead to it being checked on the Police registration system since it is not registered.

Cost of Portuguese Driving License

The price of your Portuguese driving license depends on whether you want a registered driving license or a fake driving license and also whether your driving license has been suspended before.

The category of your driving license also influence the price, with the category A1 being very cheap to buy.

It will usually cost you between 400 euros to 2000 euros to buy a driving license from us.

Contact Us here For A New Portuguese Driving License.

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