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Buy Bulgarian Driving License without a driving test

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Buy Real Bulgarian Driving License All Categories

Your first step to driving in Bulgaria is to get a real driving license. Buying your Bulgarian driver’s license from us is the easiest and most reliable way to get your driver’s license in Bulgaria.

We offer our clients the choice to buy between a fake and a real Bulgarian driver’s license.

If you buy a real driving license from us then you do not need to worry about a driving license checks when driving. The fake driver’s license is not registered on the driving license registered database system in Bulgaria and hence can be detected as fake when your information is checked on the system during a Police stop.

Failing the driving test or not meeting the requirements to get a Bulgarian driving license the usual way is no longer limitation as you can Buy a full Bulgarian driving license for your driving needs without being required to pass the driving test.

Our clients can buy a driver’s license for every driving license category. There is no excuse for you to drive without a driver’s license in Bulgarian ever again.

Buy the Bulgarian category B driving license

Most of our clients from Bulgaria buy the Category B driver’s license which makes the eligible to drive a passenger car.

It is important that you learn how to drive before or after you buy your driver’s license from us, moreover most of our customers who buy the category B Bulgarian driver’s license are people who have failed the driving test numerous times or gotten their driving license revoked or suspend which means they already know how to drive when they come to us.

Fake Bulgarian driver's license

The fake Bulgarian driving license card is the same as the real driving license.

Those who buy both will not know the difference, However the fake driving license is not registered on the driving license registered in Bulgaria and can be detected as fake especially when it is checked on the system.

The cost of buying a driving license

The cost of your Bulgarian driving license depends on whether you are buying a fake or real driving license, your driving license category and whether you have a suspended Driving license already.

Usually the price of your driving license will range from 400 euros to 1500 euros.

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